Garrett Guntly

First I would like to give you a warm welcome and thank you for spending a bit of time on my site!

I am a technology leader and engineer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you arrived here based on a conversation we had, it may be worth checking out my workshop articles. I am also a photographer and musician so however you navigated to my site, let me know if there’s anything I can do, elaborate on, or help with!

I absolutely love to educate, inspire, and drive the innovative and creative uses of technology. For me there is no difference between a data center, coffee shop, and music studio. Understanding and appreciating the similarities, complexities, and potential of every industry means being able to see the same opportunities everywhere.  Markets will never stop converging, and the cost of admission is always going to favorably drop after each new manufacturing marvel and line of code. This is where we are all headed, and so I emphasize my mission to share the knowledge and resources I have in an effort to align with others in making the world more connected and creative.